Delaware Digital is de digitale poot van Delaware Consulting. In samenwerking met de Karel de Grote Hogeschool onderzochten we de digitale maturiteit van bedrijven in Vlaanderen. Ik goot de resultaten van het onderzoek in een keurige whitepaper die je hier terugvindt. Dit is alvast de intro:

Today, we are all global players. Thanks to technology and the internet, customers can get products from anywhere in the world at competitive prices. They are always connected and have high standards when it comes to products and customer service. This modern customer would like everything served on a platter, in real-time, wherever they are. It is difficult to overcome that changing digital landscape, but for most companies it is do or die.

Start-ups are answering customers’ questions with answers that push the boundaries of whatever was the norm before. Customers don’t want to hunt down a cab or wait for half an hour for it to get to a certain location? Uber gives them an answer that traditional taxi cab companies had not previously thought of or were postponing. This is called disruption, and it is all around us.

Companies have to adapt to these new realities; there is simply no alternative. In order to stand out, they have to change the way their organization works and thinks. They need to put the customer in the spotlight. Offer a better service. Create a lasting connection. Businesses need to write their customer’s love story, across all of the different touch points in the customer journey.

digital disruption


Writing your customer’s love story will require the support of each department within the company. That is why a general mind shift is so important in reaching digital maturity. The readiness with which companies can embrace disruption and this new customer journey, as it were, is very much dependent on company culture. The future is now, and you can reach it one step at a time. We see a strong correlation between a customer-centric organization, overall digital maturity and ultimately, revenue.

A lot of data concerning foreign markets already exists, but thus far, we don’t have a clear overview of the digital maturity in Belgium. A survey seemed like a valuable tool to determine the disruption-readiness of our Belgian organizations. A clear overview of the current state of digital maturity will allow companies to devise a roadmap to grow and mature, and to remain successful in an increasingly complex world. The future is now, and you can reach it one step at a time.